Campsis summer jazz 'Fire Trumpet'
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Campsis summer jazz 'Fire Trumpet'

'Campsis Summer Jazz Fire Trumpet' is a hardy trumpet climber which blooms exuberantly and for longer with plenty of sun. The red-flowered Campsis grows more compact than other varieties from the Summer Jazz series, with a maximum height of 3 meters. The late summer bloomer tends to form a shrub. If you want to let the Campsis climb, it is useful to support it with, for example, a climbing frame at the beginning of its growth. This Campsis is a self-adhesive climbing plant, which means that small adhesive roots are formed from the branches. These suture roots will attach themselves along the wall or fence. In August and September you can expect the exotic bloom which gives your outdoor space a Mediterranean atmosphere.

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Campsis summer jazz 'Fire Trumpet'
Flower color
Plant height
2,5 - 4 m
Plant/Pot Size
50 - 60 C