Thalia dealbata
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Thalia dealbata

Thalia dealbata is native to southeastern North America. This water plant with a tropical look has large, oval to lanceolate, gray-green leaves with a fine red leaf margin and a powdery, white underside. The plant blooms from July to September with violet-colored, waxy flowers. These are grouped in long spikes on tall stems. Thalia dealbata prefers a warm, sunny position and a water depth of 30 to 60 cm, preferably in loamy soil. The plant is hardy if it is overwintered sufficiently deep in the winter months and thus frost-free, a depth of 60 cm is recommended during these months. The plant is sea wind and salt tolerant, tolerates air pollution, attracts bees and butterflies and does not suffer from diseases.

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Thalia dealbata
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