Hippuris vulgaris
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Hippuris vulgaris

Hippuris vulgaris, in Dutch called lidsteng, can be found almost worldwide. Lidstung has narrow blue-green to gray-green leaves that are in whorls on hollow stems, these stems are usually 10 to 20 cm above the water and look like small coniferous bushes ... although it looks a bit like horsetail, it does not belong to this family. Hippuris vulgaris prefers a position in full sun, but can also thrive perfectly in partial shade, it prefers a water depth of 10 to 50 cm and a preferably calcareous soil. This water plant is very hardy and, if planted deep enough, also evergreen, so that it starts very early in the spring with its oxygen production. Lidsteng is also tolerant to sea wind, tolerates saline clay and air pollution.

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Hippuris vulgaris
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