Erodium guttatum
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Erodium guttatum

Guttatum means: blotchy or spotted; this name is wrongly attributed to quite a few Erodiums. Many Erodium flowers have a spot and this name refers to many varieties.

In this case, it is a spot at the base of all five petals, which together then represent a larger spot.

The real one is not white with dark spots but lilac-like with a black heart, comes from the mountains of Morocco and is rarely offered.

The problem (pje) is that many people think they have E. guttatum in their garden, a white with dark spots, which is still offered under that name by renowned growers.

They are very suitable for the rock garden or for growing between the joints of stone walls.

Are sold per 4.

Price is for 4 pieces.

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Erodium guttatum
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