Aubrieta 'Cascade Blue'
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Aubrieta 'Cascade Blue'

Aubrieta "Cascade Blue", also called edging flower or blue cushion in Dutch because of its abundant flowering and cushion-forming habit, is an evergreen perennial. The leaves are gray-green, slightly serrated, ovate to spoon-shaped. Aubrieta blooms profusely in the months of April and May with small blue to purple-blue flowers with a yellow center. The fringe flower likes a position in sun or partial shade and prefers a moist, calcareous soil. This plant is hardy, attracts butterflies, bees and insects, is not susceptible to disease and is moderately to moderately tolerant of air pollution. Aubrieta does not like exposure to salty sea wind and is mainly used as a ground cover, rock plant between tile joints and stone walls.

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Aubrieta 'Cascade Blue'
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