Laburnum anagyroides
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Laburnum anagyroides

Laburnum anagyroides or laburnum in Dutch is a fairly large deciduous shrub with an upright shape, open crown and often curved, drooping branches. Laburnum shines in spring because of its abundant blooms with bright yellow, pendulous flower clusters, sometimes up to 30 cm long. The leaves are trifoliate, elliptical, long-stalked, dull gray-green, and hairy below. As a location, the laburnum prefers a position in the sun or partial shade, in a well-drained fertile soil that is preferably calcareous. Laburnum is often used as a flowering tunnel, in an arched shape and needs little pruning. It is very hardy, resistant to sea wind and air pollution, but sometimes suffers from wood rot, mildew and vermin.

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Laburnum anagyroides
Flower color
Plant height
4 - 7 m
Plant/Pot Size
40 - 60 C