Hydrangea villosa
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Hydrangea villosa

Hydrangea villosa, also called velvet hydrangea because of the velvety hairy leaves, is a high upright deciduous hydrangea. The shrub flowers from July to the end of August with flat-round umbels, the sterile outer flowers are light lilac, the fertile inner flowers are a darker deep lilac. The leaves are lanceolate, long, pubescent on the underside. The Hydrangea villosa likes a cool place, preferably in filtered sunlight or partial shade. Too much sun can burn the leaves. This hydrangea is not fussy about the type of soil, requires virtually no pruning, is hardy and attractive to bees and butterflies.

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Hydrangea villosa
Flower color
Plant height
2 - 3 m
Plant/Pot Size
25 - 30 C