Forsythia int. 'Week-End'
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Forsythia int. 'Week-End'

Forsythia x intermedia 'week-end', this mutant of 'lynwood' has a compact and slightly weeping shape, it flowers profusely with bright yellow to deep yellow flowers on the bare wood in February and March. The leaves are narrow and oval in shape, and toothed at the top. This forsythia likes a sunny position and does well in almost any well-drained soil. Pruning is best done immediately after flowering to ensure rejuvenation and profuse flowering. The Chinese bluebell is sea wind tolerant and can also handle air pollution. Also has few problems with diseases and pests.

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Forsythia int. 'Week-End'
Flower color
Plant height
1.5 - 2m
Plant/Pot Size
50 - 60 C