Euonymus planipes
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Euonymus planipes

Euonymus planipes is a medium-sized deciduous shrub or small tree with a strong upright shape. The leaves are medium green, coarsely toothed and almost elliptical. In autumn they turn bronze to red. This cardinal's hat blooms with small greenish to yellow-green flowers in the months of May and June, followed by beautiful decorative four-lobed red seed pods with orange seeds. These seeds are poisonous to humans, but a delicacy for birds. E.planipes does well in any type of soil and grows in both full sun and partial shade. It tolerates pruning well, is tolerant of air pollution and also resistant to sea wind.

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Euonymus planipes
Flower color
Plant height
2 - 3 m
Plant/Pot Size
30 - 40 C