Celastrus orbiculatus
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Celastrus orbiculatus

Celastrus orbiculatus, called tree strangler in Dutch, is a tall, right-winding climbing vine with light green, ovate, serrated and often intertwined leaves. This lovely tree strangler flowers in April and May with yellow-green to cream-coloured, five-lobed flowers. In the case of female plants, if a male pollinator is nearby, an invasion of attractive vermilion red fruits follows in late summer. Celastrus orbiculatus likes a position in partial shade or full sun and a well-drained, slightly moist soil, it is hardy, fairly drought tolerant, attracts bees and butterflies and also tolerates sea wind and air pollution well. The tree strangler also has few problems with diseases or vermin.

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Celastrus orbiculatus
Flower color
Plant height
10 - 15 m
Plant/Pot Size
50 - 60 C