Myriophyllum crispata
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Myriophyllum crispata

Myriophyllum crispata, also called featherwort, is a semi-evergreen aquatic plant with a creeping, floating habit. The plant has bright green, feather-shaped, almost needle-like leaves, which are whorled around the stems. The plant is monoecious and flowers in the months of June to August, with very small, white to reddish brown, axillary spikes. Myriophyllum crispata likes a position in full sun or partial shade and a moist to wet soil, it prefers standing or weakly flowing water at a depth between 20 and 60 cm. In a sufficiently deep location the plant is hardy, it is also sea wind tolerant and tolerates slightly brackish water and tolerates air pollution. Fish lay their eggs on it and amphibians find shelter there.

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Myriophyllum crispata
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