Callitriche verna
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Callitriche verna

Callitriche verna, called little star duck in Dutch, is an evergreen oxygenating plant or floating plant with a wide distribution area, the plant is also native to Belgium and the Netherlands. Little Star Duckweed has small, narrow, elliptical, bright green leaves that float on the surface of the water in a rosette form. Callitriche verna blooms in spring with small, axillary, white-green flowers made up of 1 stamen or 1 pistil. This oxygenating plant can be planted in acidic to neutral soil at a water depth of 20 to 50cm, but can also be used perfectly as a floating plant or as a marsh plant. Callitriche verna is very hardy and suffers little or no disease.

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Callitriche verna
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