Juncus effusus
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Juncus effusus

Juncus effusus, in Dutch called pitrus, is an evergreen perennial plant. The rush has smooth, bright green stems on which brown-gray flowers appear from June to August, followed later in autumn by green to shiny brown capsules. The russet pit has an upright habit, forms very dense clumps and spreads via a creeping rhizome. The leaves are inconspicuous, brownish-red, sheath-like and located at the base of the stems. Juncus effusus likes a position in full sun or light shade and a moist to wet soil, once the plant is well established it can also temporarily tolerate drought well. Pip rush is hardy, tolerates sea wind, salt, air pollution, is free of pests and has few problems with diseases.

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Juncus effusus
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