Acanthus hungaricus
Acanthus balcanicus, is an endemic herbaceous perennial plant of the genus Acanthus, native to the Balkan Peninsula, up to Dalmatia. This plant is also grown in many European and American gardens. It grows to 80 cm in length, with basal clusters of deeply lobed and cut leaves.
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Rosa 'Abracadabra'

Large-flowered rose red with white bicolor. Height: 100 cm. Flowering in: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct. Two-colored rose, slightly scented.

This continuous flowering rose has an upright growth and blooms in loose clusters with single white flowers. A strong rose that tolerates light shade.
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Rosa 'Alfred Carriére'
Large, beautifully double flowers, white with a hint of pink, strongly scented. Very vigorous upright habit, rich and continuous flowering climbing rose!
Rosa 'American Pillar'
This Rambler rose has single flowers of approximately 2.50 cm. Fuchsia pink with a white eye and striking yellow stamens. A Rambler is a tree rose that is ideal as a shade rose. This Rambler flowers once a year with full trusses. It is a fast grower.
Rosa 'Aprikola'
Rosa 'Aprikola', syn. R. 'Kororbe' is a small to medium-sized rose that was introduced by Kordes in 2000, it is also offered as a standard rose. This rose has a bushy, broad, branchy shape and has dark green, serrated glossy leaves. It blooms in summer and fall with medium-sized, semi-double, light-scented, apricot-yellow flowers that bloom bright apricot-to-pink. Rosa 'Aprikola' likes a sunny position and a slightly moist, but very well permeable soil, it does well in all soil types. This floribunda rose is hardy, tolerates sea breeze and air pollution, attracts bees and insects, is well disease resistant, but can occasionally be plagued by rose rust and mildew from which it usually recovers.
Rosa 'Aspirin Rose'
Rosa 'Aspirin Rose' is a continuous flowering shrub rose with semi-double and pure white flowers with pink in the heart. Beautiful dark green, glossy leaves. The rose is about 60 x 50 cm. 'Aspirin Rose' blooms from June to November.
Rosa 'Ballerina'
Rosa 'Ballerina' is a very beautiful, strong, continuous flowering, disease resistant cultivar. The bloom is soft pink with a white heart and dark stamens. The flowers are small (3 to 4 cm), slightly scented, single and in dense clusters up to 30 cm in size. The leaves are light green, shiny, oval and pointed.
Rosa 'Black Forest Rose'
Rosa 'Black Forest Rose' blooms with clusters of red flowers.
The flowers are cup-shaped, semi to double flowers and continuous flowering.
The dark green leaves are soft glossy and very disease resistant.
Rosa 'Blanc Double De Coubert'
Dark green veined leaves that get a beautiful autumn color. Grows fast. Semi-double flowers. The flower is flat and loose. Has golden stamens. Here and there large red hips. Blooms from summer to fall. A wonderfully scented rose. Can be in the shade and can withstand various weather conditions.
Rosa 'Bobbie James'
One-time flowering climbing rose with semi-double cup-shaped flowers, creamy white with yellow stamens and very fragrant. They form overhanging huge clusters. The small hips appear later in the season. Rosa "Bobbie James" is a vigorous growing rambler that easily climbs 8m high. A rose that also needs a lot of space can climb over sheds or trees. The branches are long and thick with glossy light green leaves and many thorns. Good disease resistance.
Rosa 'Bonica'
Rosa "Bonica" is a beautiful and strong spray rose. It blooms profusely with clusters of soft pink flowers until late in the year. The strength of this rose is mainly in its resistance to diseases, vigor and winter hardiness.